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Carefully Reckless

B*tches Be Betrayin'
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Earn Your Leisure

Everything to Know About Credit feat. The Credit Dude
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Checking In

Checking In w/ DeVon Franklin
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Cut To It

Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore sits down with Steve and G to talk about finding his direction, proving his position on the team, and maintaining the right mindset on and off the field. As usual, the guys are tackling all the big questions--including why Steve cracks a smile every time has some chewing gum.

All The Smoke

ALL THE SMOKE is back with more 🔥 as 3x-NBA All-Star and All-NBA team member, Gilbert Arenas, joins the boys on episode 84. Agent Zero reflects on his career and discusses today's NBA. Plus, he opens up about the infamous gun situation and the passing of Kobe.

Straight Shot No Chaser

The host of the #DidSheSayThat podcast, Sonnie Johnson checks in with Tezlyn to discuss what if anything has changed in the conservative movement in 2021.

Hello Somebody

Some lessons never get old! This oldie but goodie conversation between organizer, artist, and leader, “Dr” Phillip Agnew and SNT is a special lecture at the “Nina Turner School of Hell-Raising Humanitarians”. More than a history review, this mind-blowing session takes on wealth, health, safety, morality and how our “bastard” country has murdered its way to exactly where we are right now. Be prepared to be schooled with helpful facts to keep your foot on the gas toward continued organizing, motivating, and activating.

Drink Champs

In this episode, we chop it up with Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West!? One of music’s most iconic artists, Ye sits down with the champs to tell some stories and shares some laughs. Ye talks about his evolution from “The College Dropout” to becoming a Billionaire. Ye shares stories of American history… that he’s created himself! Ye talks about his Yeezy brand, GAP, Adidas and more. Ye also talks about his political views, cancel culture and so much more!

Gangster Chronicles

We had Source mag founder Dave Mays in the spot and he spoke on everything from the iconic magazines origins, the EAST/WEST beef to old business partners and his new podcast venture "Breakbeat Media"

Whoreible Decisions

The girls are in the studio together for updates, mess, and a really nasty episode. Do NOT google Alabama hot pocket if you don’t wanna gag.

Holding Court

Please understand that we have nothing for Dr. Dre. He just keeps ending up in headlines and this week it’s because his daughter is living in her car. Eboni and Dustin strongly disagree on how the hip hop mogul should handle the situation - a conversation you’ll love. We’re also taking a good hard look at rapper Corey Miller and his hunger strike for better conditions in prison and Ezekiel Elliott’s damn ferocious a$$ dogs that keep landing him on the receiving end of lawsuits.

Street Politicians

A few days into the 8th month of 2021, there has already been a 55% surge in gun violence across America. For the last six weeks, hosts Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne "The General" have sat down with community leaders, politicians, survivors, and more to combat the gun violence crisis in America.

Hot Happy Mess

Today, Zuri is joined by the ladies of the Groupchat (Cleo + Veronika) for a super fun, super chill convo on building up the various pillars of wellness in their lives. The Groupchat is covering it all, from tarot readings to mental health and the Olympics, to discussing their views on body positivity (and how f*cked up the BMI chart is!!). To the importance of setting boundaries with lovers + friends, to the best ways to make friends when you’re over 30 (hint: just ask + bring wine!).

Checking In

Michelle and DeVon have a much-needed conversation about relationships that will be valuable to singles and couples! They dive into understanding men in relationships, the consequences of getting in the way of your lover’s dreams and purpose, the significance of tone when communicating with your partner, and celibacy.

85 South Show

Tokyo Vanity is in the trap with Karlous Miller breaking down how she has taken over the internet going viral across social media with her hit music. Tokyo is too real breaking down the dynamics of men and women with honesty and experience!

Earn Your Leisure

In episode 124, we covered one of the most important topics for entrepreneurs, individuals, and investors, which is credit. This time we took a deep dive into the world of business credit, hacks on personal credit, and credit restoration.

Carefully Reckless

Gather your nosey asses around and listen as Jess tells her own personal story of betrayal along with some wild stories from her fans! Everybody experiences betrayal at some point in life, but what are you willing to forgive?